Hidden Umbria Nascosta


Have you ever wondered if all the common stories and myths about certain regions were true? Let your fantasy roam free and be transported by the legendary stories behind an Umbria of uncertain boundaries. Travel around the green heart of Italy following Umbria Nascosta’s stories and discover all its tree churches, fantasy republics, chapels elected as contemporary art museums and inns playing the best of international rock among uninhabited mountains, mummified bodies that have conquered time and the spirits of the dead that still inhabit abandoned villas, the broken dreams that nature is reclaiming and those still miraculously standing.

All this and more in Edicola 518 and Sali e Tabacchi Journal’s latest collaboration, Hidden Umbria Nascosta. The co-published publication is available in English and Italian and features essays by a number of authors and photographs by Tobia Faverio, Riccardo Raspa, and Mattia Micheli.